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7th Sunday in Ordinary Time


No School Prayer

Winter Sports Trials - St Joseph’s Regional College

Drawn to Art

P & F Meeting - 5:45pm - Staffroom

Penance Registration at St Agnes’ Church, Hay Street - 6:00pm


Sports Uniform - Students in K, 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Zone Swimming Carnival - Macksville

Drawn to Art


Sports Uniform - Students in Year 2



Sports Uniform - Students in K, 1, 4 and 5

8:00am - Beginners Band students commence today (not acoustic guitars)

Staff meeting - 8:20am - Office closed until 8:55am


Sports Uniform - Students in 2, 3 and 6

Staff Prayer - 8:20am - Office Closed until 8:40am

AFL Diocesan trials - Grafton


St Agnes’ School hosting Parish Mass - 5:00pm


FEB 28 - Beginning School Mass - 11:45am - all welcome - Hall

Penance Registration at St Agnes’ Church, Hay Street - 6:00pm

Kindergarten Parent Information Evening – please note change of date

FEB 29 - Ash Wednesday

MAR 03 - Diocesan Primary Swimming Carnival - Lismore

MAR 05/11 - Catholic Schools Week

MAR 06 - Penance Workshop (Parent/Child) - St Agnes’ Primary School Hall

MAR 07 - Cross Country

MAR 08 - Penance Workshop (Parent/Child) - St Peter’s Primary School Hall

MAR 23 - Fun Run - Town Beach


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 Dear Parents and Carers

It was lovely to celebrate the induction of our student leaders at our School Prayer on Tuesday morning. Thank you to all of the parents, grandparents and special visitors that joined us for this special celebration.

The following children were inducted to school leadership roles for 2017:

School Captains - Sophie Sprague and Liam Cameron

SRC Members - Kaleisha Alchin, Jules Irwin, Georgia Ryan, Chelsea Lewis, Hunter Croft, Nikko Mah, Sam Logan-Pye and Wilson Minogue

House Leaders -

Boronia - Emersyn Smith, Eliza Ruhl, Sam Fox and Harry Newman

Clarence - Caitlin Judd, Indiana Mayes, Kai Fuller and Marcus Wright

Kennedy - Fleur Sherlock, Riley Bate, Josie Yardley and Kiara Dalton

Flinders - Emily Edmed, Lola Vasilescu and Chester Wade

2017 ANNUAL SCHOOL GOALS: As we move through the beginning of the school year, we would like to share our school goals for 2017.

Catholic Identity and Mission: To ensure the parish school is truly Catholic in identity and life and is a centre of the new evangelisation.

- Enhance opportunities for family involvement in Catholic faith.

- Promote our Catholic values with signs, symbols and behaviours.

- Promote opportunities for students to express their faith with pride.

Organisation and Co-Leadership: To build on structures and processes to enhance the co-leadership within the parish school.

- Ensure methods of communication suit the contemporary need of all stakeholders.

- Support staff to use Cycles of Improvement and maintain their BOSTES/NESA accreditation.

- Develop and implement Personal Development units and Peer Support sessions that align with PBS principles.

Teaching and Learning: To be a high functioning Professional Learning Community where all stakeholders are empowered leaders of learning.

- To become curriculum experts that employ high yield pedagogical practices.

- Effectively implement EMU to improve mathematical pedagogy across the school.

- Ensure parents are an active and integral part of the Learning Community.

Community and Relationships: All stakeholders are supported to feel valued and connected to the parish school community.

- Embed the whole school approach to the management of student behaviour that supports a safe and supportive learning environment.

- Develop and implement practices and procedures to provide opportunities for feedback for all teaching staff.

PARISH MASS: Just a reminder that there was an incorrect date for when our school will be hosting the Youth Mass, on the letter sent home. We will be hosting on Sunday 26 February at the 5:00pm Parish Mass. We hope to see as many children there as possible.

P&F MEETING: Our first meeting for 2017 will be held on Monday 20 February (next week) from 5:45pm. We welcome all families to join us and hear about some exciting new focuses for 2017. The AGM meeting will be held in March.

PARENT TEACHER MEET AND GREETS: We returned to a previous tradition of Parent/Teacher Meet and Greets on Tuesday afternoon in the Hall. It was wonderful to see so many parents attend this opportunity to meet their child's teacher and tell them a little more about their child. The staff appreciated the chance to learn a little more about each child in their class. We received some great feedback about this afternoon and look forward to continuing to improve on ways we can communicate with our families.

SCHOOL NEWSLETTER: One of our school goals from the School Review and Improvement process that was held last year, is to work towards a 'paperless' school office. We have been investigating many different ways to improve our current school newsletter as a communication process with families. We will be discussing these thoughts with the leadership team and at the P&F Meeting on Monday night. We look forward to sharing this exciting new idea with you all.

PBS WINNERS: Congratulations to Mitchell Hagenbach, Brae McGregor, Olivia Heppingstone and Sam Logan-Pye for winning the PBS icy poles this week. We were once again amazed with how many children received raffle tickets into the draw.