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* St Agnes Feast Day - St Agnes’ School hosting 9:00am Mass and Morning Tea



* Year 6 Camp - children to arrive at school at 7:30am

* School Prayer - 4H hosting


* Sports Day - Students in Years 4

* Year 6 children at camp

* Father’s Day shopping - please remember your money


* Sports Day - Students in Years 1, 2, and 3

* Year 6 children at camp


* Sports Day - Students in Kindergarten

* School Review and Improvement

* Year 6 children return from camp at 4:30pm


* Sports Day - Year 5

* Father’s Day breakfast - 8:00am

* Father’s Day Blessing - 9:00am in Hall - All welcome

* School Review and Improvement

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Dear Parents and Carers

This week we have celebrated the Feast of St Agnes' along with Literacy and Numeracy Week. As a school community it was lovely to witness an overwhelming support of our feast day celebrations. We even needed to get additional chairs out in order to seat everyone. The mass was followed by a great opportunity for parents and visitors to spend some time in the classrooms with the children. A big thank you to all of the parents who were able to join us.

Over the past two and a half days, I have been in Coffs Harbour attending the Diocesan Priests and Principal Conference. The theme for this year has focused on leading our schools with a emphasis on the head, heart and hands of leadership. It has also been a very valuable time to network again with the other Diocesan leaders and discuss local school based needs.

YEAR 6 RE TEST: We were extremely overwhelmed by the recent results achieved in the state wide RE Test. This test assesses information that is learnt as part of the K-6 Religious Education program. We had 88 students sit the test this year and we are pleased to announce that the students achieved: 20 High Distinctions, 26 Distinctions, 29 Credit and 13 Participation awards. Recipients of the top three awards have been listed below.

High Distinction: Jocelyn Bleasdale, Joelle Buntschu, Madeleine Buttsworth, Noah Darrington, Ryan Harper, Jack Hitchings, Jordan Huender, Leo Hunt, Claire McIntosh, Emily Moloney, Shakira Morris-Boyd, Bede Munro, Jackson Newman, Maddison Reed, Geordy Reid, Dominica Toohey, Liam Toomey, Tahra Walsh, Harley Williams and Dane Young

Distinction: Livia Bailey, Don Bittu, Liam Breen, Charlotte Carrick, Chad Condon, Camryn Dal Broi, Chloe Gilder, Jordan Gomes, Hayden Green, Benjamin Howarth, Jasmyn Hunter, Jack Kirkby, Toby Lewis, Katelyn Lynch, Kurt McGregor, Phoebe Minogue, Keatin Nowak, Kiera Plews, Caleb Prior, Clayton Purkis, Harley Sirovica, Andrew Skellern, Bayden Smith, Lily Stace, Amelie Wagner and Connor Watts

Credit: Jewelana Brooks, Ella Burt, Branden Clarke, Olivia Cotovich, Lahni Cramer, Lily Curtis, Katie Duffy, Charli Edmondston, Corey Fletcher, Jake Green, Nicholas Hiam, Cooper Holmes, Jannel Lusung, Jy Lynn, Nate McGoldrick, Maddison McGrath, Nikeely Nincsics, Savannah Orobello, Billy Peklar, Hayden Pepper, Marvin Rai, Bailey Rowe, Lillian Sadler, Logan Slight, Phoebe Sprague, Kyan Thompson, Patrick Tydd, Tayla Vatalidis and Mary Grace Vogels

CONTEMPORARY LEARNING PRESENTATION: This presentation was held on Tuesday night this week at St Peter's Primary School. It allowed parents to ask many questions regarding the changes to the learning environment that their children are experiencing.

SCHOOL REVIEW AND IMPROVEMENT (SRI): On Thursday and Friday next week, our school will be hosting several staff National Literacy and Numeracy Week members from the Catholic Schools Office who will be listening to staff teams outline the strategic direction of our school for the next five years.

FATHER’S DAY GIFTS AND SHOPPING: Thanks to all of our dedicated helpers this week in preparation for Father’s Day shopping. Due to a shortage of gifts this week, shopping for the majority of our children needed to be postponed until next Tuesday, 30 August 2016. Thank you to those families who have sent in multiple gifts to enable all children to go shopping for their fathers. Please ensure your children have funds to go shopping on Tuesday.

FATHER'S DAY INVITATION: Next Friday, the P&F will again host a Breakfast for our fathers and father figures in celebration of Father’s Day. A green note was sent home to all families yesterday, with a code to RSVP online, to enable our P&F to cater for this event. This note has also been placed on our school app, if your children did not receive it. Please RSVP by Tuesday at 10:00am to enable ordering. After breakfast, we invite you to stay for a short Father’s Day blessing, which will take place in the School Hall.

BOOK FAIR PARADE: What an amazing morning it was on Monday with the delight and joy experienced by the children during the Book Week Parade. It was also lovely to feature so heavily in Port News media coverage. Thank you to the parents for all of their hard work in getting the children ready for the morning.

BOOK FAIR: Thanks to Di Northey and her small team of volunteers, for another fantastic Book Fair. Many parents, staff and students took the opportunity this week to purchase some wonderful books, some even donating them back to the library for all to benefit from. Over $1,000 in books were sold, which will enable the school to purchase $300 worth of books for the school Library