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CALENDAR: WEEK 9, TERM 1 2017      


3rd Sunday of Lent



Year 4 Girls Dance Group - 8:20am

School Prayer - 1T hosting - All welcome

Year 6 Leadership Development Day - Youth Hub - Sports Uniform please

Cyber Safety talk for Years 4 and 6

P & F AGM - Staffroom 5:45pm


Sports Uniform - Students in K, 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Year 5 Girls Dance Group - 8:20am

Year 4 Penance Reflection Day - Youth Hub

Gross Motor - Kindergarten

Year 2 Girls and Boys Dance Group - Lunch 1

Cyber Safety workshops for Parents - St Peter’s Primary - 6:00pm


Sports Uniform - Students in Year 2

Year 6 Girls Dance Group - 8:20am

Rugby 7’s challenge - selected students in Years 4 - 6

Gross Motor - Year 2

Year 4/5/6 Boys Dance Group - Lunch 1


Fun Run - Town Beach - Sports Uniform for all children

Gross Motor - Year 1

8:00am - Band

Staff Meeting - 8:20am - Office closed until 8:55am


Sports Uniform - Students in 2, 3 and 6

Diocesan Winter Sports Trials - Grafton

Staff Prayer - office closed until 8:40am

Peer Support - 2:10pm


MAR 28 - Mini Fun Run for those students who missed out on 23 March

Sacrament of Penance - St Agnes’ Church 6:00pm

MAR 31 - High School Principals visiting Year 6 students

APR 05 - Easter Hat Parade and SRC Easter Raffle

APR 07 - Last day of Term 1

APR 26 - First day of Term 2 for students


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 Dear Parents and Carers

It was lovely to join the Year 3 children for a short period of time during their excursion on Monday. They thoroughly enjoyed learning about Port Macquarie’s history. I know a highlight of the day was their visit to the Court House, where they got to re-enact a court proceeding. Thank you to the many parents that assisted on the excursion.

KINDERGARTEN 2018 INFORMATION NIGHT: A new initiative will be introduced into the enrolment process for Kindergarten this year. Principal's from each of the three local Primary Schools will be hosting an information session for all interested parents. This will be held at St Agnes' Primary School on Tuesday 4 April from 7:00pm-8:00pm. Please see attached flyer.

CYBERSAFETY INFORMATION SESSION - TUESDAY 21 MARCH: A cybersafety parent workshop will be held for parents next Tuesday night at St Peter's Primary School from 6:00pm. This will be a valuable opportunity for parents to learn about the general concerns and ways to address them at a family level. Mr Andrew Burgess from the Catholic Schools Office will be presenting this night. Andrew will also be talking to our senior students on Monday afternoon.

INSIGHT SRC - PARENT SURVEYS FOR SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT: Surveys have been sent home this week to randomly selected parents from each of our classes. These surveys need to be either returned to school by Friday 24 March or completed online. If you are completing the online survey, could you please return the slip that was sent home with your information letter this week, once you have completed the survey.

P & F AGM MEETING: This coming Monday night is our P&F AGM meeting. This meeting will be held in the staffroom from 5:45pm. We look forward to a large number of parent attendees.

NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION AGAINST BULLYING AND VIOLENCE: Today is the National Day Against Bullying and Violence. Children viewed a short video at the Assembly today. There are a number of websites that I would like to draw your attention to for further information, activities for parents and children of all groups that aim to educate, inform and engage the community in developing a community wide awareness of, support for and no tolerance attitude towards bullying.



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CONGRATULATIONS: to our PBS winners for this week: Lionel Carney, Olivia Harper, Bray Hawker, Brady Keane, Vaughan Munro, Tom Newman, Ellie Nunn and Zara Turner.

WELCOME: We welcome Akshara Sanaw who started at St Agnes’ last week. KC are so happy you have joined their class