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Sacrament of Confirmation - Presentation weekend


17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sacrament of Confirmation - Presentation weekend

WEEK 2, TERM 3, 2016


School Prayer - Naidoc Week - Mrs Sprague and Mrs Hugo

Parent Teacher Interviews - 3B - in classroom

Kindergarten 2017 interviews continue


Sports Day - Students in Years 4 and 6

Confirmation Reflection Day at Youth Hub - Year 2 and Primary Candidates - Sports Uniform please


Sports Day - Students in Kindergarten, Years 1, 2, and 3

Wheelchair Sports Roadshow - Year 5, 6K and 6M

Fair Meeting - 5:30pm


Staff meeting - 8:20am - Office closed until 8:45am

Wheelchair Sports Roadshow - Year 3, Year 4 and 6G


Sports Day - Students in Year 5

Staff Prayer 8:30am - Office closed until 8:40am

Assembly - 2:10pm - Hall - all welcome

Reports sent home - 4D


AUG 02

ICAS English Test

Sacrament of Confirmation - St Agnes’ Church - 6:00pm

AUG 05

Census Day

 1st instalment of Year 5 Camp due

AUG 07

 St Agnes’ hosting family Mass - 5:00pm


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Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back to what will be another very busy term at St Agnes' Primary.

The school will continue work through the School Review and Improvement (SRI) focus, with our presentation days being held early September.

KINDERGARTEN 2017 INTERVIEWS: It has been lovely to begin the process of Kindergarten interviews for the group of children next year. Interviews will continue over the coming weeks.

PRINCIPAL APPRAISAL: As listed in the letter attached, I will be undergoing my First Year Principal Appraisal on 18 August 2016. This is a very valuable process that I am looking forward to participating in. It will allow an opportunity for parents and staff to provide positive feedback on my performance and also identify areas for further improvement. This appraisal was moved forward from November to allow it to be completed before I go on Maternity Leave.

Over the coming weeks, you will all receive an email from the Catholic Schools Office regarding the survey. I ask that you please take some time to complete this valuable feedback opportunity for me.

NBF FUNDING UPDATE: As announced in the newsletter at the end of last term, the school was lucky to receive additional funding for some special projects at a school level. This Needs Based Funding (NBF) has been allocated for the employment of two new roles within the school until the end of the year. These positions are:

- K-3 Instructional Leader (Reading) 5 days per week: At St Agnes’ the K-3 Instructional Leader (Reading) for 2016 works in close collaboration with the School’s Principal and Leadership Team to further develop the reading skills in K- 3, with a focus on those students who fall in the middle to upper range.

- Positive Behaviour for School (School Leader) - 3 days per week: The PBS School Leader 0.6FTE at St Agnes’ Primary School for 2016 will work with key stakeholders to lead the PBS Team to: Adopt proactive strategies for defining, teaching and supporting appropriate school behaviours in order to enhance learning. Develop a shared responsibility to teach, foster, promote and encourage positive behaviours from all students.

MUSIC MINISTRY WORKSHOP: On the first Saturday of the holidays, students from Stage Three had an opportunity to participate in the Emmanuel Worship Workshop that was being conducted at MacKillop College. This day was also attended by staff at our local Catholic schools. All that attended had a wonderful experience and further developed their capacity for Music Ministry within the Parish.

THANK YOU: Once again a huge thank you to all the parents that completed the impromptu survey regarding school communication and OOSH facilities. Further information about the results will be shared in the newsletter next week.

CONGRATULATIONS: This week we welcome Tobias Mainwaring to our Aggies community. Tobias is a little brother to Fletch (5D), Elliot (3OK) and Mirek