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Dear Parents and Carers

This term is certainly flying by so quickly! A reminder that our final P&F Meeting for the year will be held on Monday 26 November. The venue and time will be advised in next week's newsletter.

REMEMBRANCE DAY CEREMONY: Thank you to the children and families that represented the school at the Remembrance Day Ceremony on Sunday. It was an extremely hot day and we were grateful for the families that could help support us. These children have been acknowledged with a special Principal Award for their attendance.

KINDERGARTEN ORIENTATION: We look forward to our first longer session of Orientation next Tuesday. The Kindergarten team have been planning a great day. We look forward to some photos next week!

SEMESTER TWO REPORTS: Following on from our parent and staff consultation, several changes have been made for the reporting process this semester. The aim of this was to make it much easier for parents to read and understand. Stay tuned for some more updates over the coming weeks.

PARISH CHRISTMAS HAMPERS - OUT OF UNIFORM DAY: Thank you to all our generous families who sent in items today for our Parish Hampers. This is a great way to contribute to the Parish during this special time of the year and to reflect on those less fortunate than we are over the Christmas period. If you are available to assist with the delivery of the hampers on Sunday 2 December, please call the Presbytery on 6583 1024. All hampers need to be finalised by Monday 26 November. If you are able to assist with packing, please contact the Office.

YOUTH MASS - MUSIC MINISTRY: A reminder that our school is hosting the Music Ministry at the Youth Mass on Sunday at the 5:00pm Mass. If anyone is available to help with the singing, we would greatly appreciate your attendance and support.

ARE YOU MOVING: We currently have a wait list in a few different grades for 2019 enrolments. If you know that your child won't be returning to St Agnes' next year, can you please let us know as soon as possible. Your assistance in this regard is much appreciated. 

UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE PRACTICUM STUDENT: Welcome to Aden Wyborn from the University of Newcastle. Aden is a 3rd-year student who is completing a four-week practicum in 4G. We wish him all the best, and we hope he enjoys his time at St Agnes. Thank you to Mrs Elise Gardiner for taking on the extra responsibility of supervising and mentoring Aden. 

GOD MOMENTS: The teachers have witnessed many God Moments amongst our students over the past couple of weeks. It is always so uplifting to see and hear our children Making Jesus Real through their daily actions. Well done to the Year 4 students for displaying impeccable manners at the Sea Acres Rainforest Centre Geography excursion last week. I would also like to acknowledge Sophie Bryant (Year 5), Matthew Firkin (Year 4), Liam Wright (Year 3), Chloe Ribot de Bressac (Year 2) and Jett Nixon (Year 1), who have all been noticed for using the 4R’s consistently in the classroom and playground this week.

CAR PARK PICK UP: Thank you again to all our parents/carers who continue to follow our afternoon car park pick-up procedures. Just a few reminders to make sure the pick-up system continues to flow smoothly and safely: Please do not queue/double park in Boronia Street of an afternoon. If the car line is going out of the car park, please drive around the block. No queuing across the pedestrian crossing. Pedestrians are to wait to be advised by the traffic management staff before crossing at the pedestrian crossing.