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Week 11 Term 4, 2014


3rd Sunday of Advent


No School Prayer
Transition to 2015 classes - 8:55am - 11:35am
Reports go home

    TUESDAY   DEC 16

Graduation Mass - 12:00pm - 2:30pm
Year 6 Graduation Dinner 6:00pm


Infants Sports Day - Sports Uniform for infants children
Year 6 Treat Day

        THURSDAY   DEC 18

Primary Sports Day - Sports Uniform for primary children
Staff Prayer - 8:20am - Office closed until 8:55am
Last day of the Year for students

         FRIDAY  DEC 12

Pupil Free Day - Staff Development Day


JAN 28 * First Day for students years 1-6
FEB 04 * First Day Kindergarten 2015


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Dear Parents

What a beautiful way to finish the school year with a lovely Mass celebration, farewell to staff and carols night. All events were well attended and it was a fitting tribute to the amazing staff that we have at St Agnes’.

WELCOME FR PETER WOOD: Our End of Year Mass was the first opportunity that our St Agnes’ community had to meet our new School Chaplain, Fr Peter Wood. Fr Peter had a wonderful time getting to know the children on class visits and was asked by the children to join us for the Carols night, which he did. It was a great way to interact on a social basis with our student and parent community. We welcome Fr Peter to our school and look
forward to working in partnership with him.

SPORTS CAPTAINS 2015: The elections were conducted this week and we look forward to an announcement at the Monday morning assembly under the shelter. Parents are most welcome to attend when this exciting news is shared with the school community.

2015 CLASSROOM TEACHER ALLOCATIONS: It is with great pleasure that I announce the following appointments for the 2015 school year:

Kindergarten: Lisa Chilko, Kara DeMaria and Robyn McCartney
Year 1: Lisa James, Leo Pearman and Jenny Soerensen
Year 2: Pam Burns, Larissa Toohey/Emily Brazel, and Leah Wilson.
Year 3 Krysten Jones, Cath U’Brien and Trish Todd
Year 4 Anne Halloran, Daniella O’Brien/ Emma Kelly, and Courtney Platt
Year 5 Matt Bushe, Colleen McQueen and Claire Michell
Year 6 Cynthia Nosworthy, Emily Smith and Nigel Toole
CAPA: Elleigh Lysaught, Jason Purkis and Anne Marie Webb
Executive Release: Michelle Baird, Jason Purkis and Natalie Jennings
Reading Intervention: Kerry McKinnon, Judy Walsh
School Counsellor: Kate Watson
Secretaries: Kirrily Pollock, Michelle Gerathy, Kimberley Minogue and Meaghan Besseling
Teacher Assistants: Chris Farrell, Leanne Hunter, Lucy Brown, Elise Campbell and Trish Attwells.

School Support Officer ICT: Susan Cameron
Indigenous Education: Kate Morris/Sharon Hugo
Library: Di Northey and Di Bell-Hansen
Canteen Coordinators: Rebecca Rissel and Jodie Duck
School Maintenance: Dave Gerke

Executive Staff:
Principal: Ginaya Wieland
Assistant Principal: Christy Ismay
Leader of Learning (Curriculum): Colleen McQueen
Leaders of Catechesis & School Evangelisation: Cath U’Brien & Matthew Bushe
Leader of Pedagogy: Stacey Mullin
Leader of Additional Needs: Donna Sprague
Leader of PDHPE and Sport: Nigel Toole
Leader of Learning (ICT): To Be Confirmed

2015 TRANSITION MORNING: On Monday next week, students will have the exciting opportunity to enjoy some time with their classroom teacher for 2015. This transition experience will run from 8:55am-11:35am. We also look forward to welcoming many of our new students for 2015 to our St Agnes’ community for this morning session.

SEMESTER TWO REPORTS: All Semester Two reports will be sent home with children on Monday 15 December. We hope that these reports are a true reflection of your child’s ability and performance for 2014. An important focus during this time is to set some strategic learning goals for 2015 with your child. As always, please be aware that your child’sclassroom teacher is available to discuss any concerns that you may be having. Feel free to contact the school office on 6583 7433 to arrange a meeting time, if required.

YEAR 6 GRADUATION: Graduation Day for St. Agnes’ is on Tuesday, 16 December. This is one of our special days in which we acknowledge the fine contribution made by our School Leaders and wish them well as they take their next educational step into High School.

The day involves: Graduation Mass at St Agnes’ Church, Hay Street at 12:00pm. All Year 6 students will be involved and their parents and carers are welcome to attend. Graduation certificates and awards will be presented at the church. Graduation Dinner and Social at 6:00pm for students and staff. Parents are invited to join their children to share their final dance and DVD presentation. 

END OF YEAR: A reminder that the final school day for students will be Thursday 18 December. Staff will be involved in a Staff Mass and Professional Learning day on Friday.