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Dear Parents and Carers

We are now at the end of a very busy Term 3. We would like to congratulate the children on another great term of learning and involvement in school activities. We hope that you have a restful break and look forward to children returning to school after the holidays on Tuesday 10 October in Summer Uniform.

CHORAL EISTEDDFOD: A big congratulations to the three groups that performed at the Choral Eisteddfod at the end of last week. We had the following comments from the Adjudicator:-

Year One (Highly Commended): Perfect choice of texts. Saved the most energy for Hairy Maclary. Well done with not rushing the ending. Excellent execution. All spoken as one, which was very impressive. Highly disciplined group. Physical movements complemented the performance sublimely.

- Year Three (1st place): Excellent phrasing. All dynamics and melodic choices were very well executed. Fantastic choice of text. I was engaged throughout. The teacher deserves to be commended. Thank you for sharing this with us.

- Year Five (1st place): Highly disciplined group. You had fun as a group and this translates clearly. Great choice of text in the 2nd piece. The best choral performance of the day. Well done. Thank you.

DANCE EISTEDDFOD: We would like to wish all of the groups performing tonight all the best. We look forward to some more amazing performances. Once again, a huge thank you to the staff that have been preparing them for these events. We are lucky to have such dedicated staff to help our children achieve such great things.

YEAR 5 CAMP: From all accounts the children had a wonderful time at camp this week. Once again, thank you to the staff for giving up their time to make this such a great experience for the children.

CIRCUS TICKETS: Thank you to the families that responded regarding the free tickets available for the Circus. The following families were winners in the draw: Stevens, Collins (Makennah and Rhyder), Clements, Matthews, Hassett, Bibby, Young, Nowak, Schneider, McWhirter, Cotovich, O'Connor, O'Brien, McClure, Prince (Sophie and Noah), Hucker, Duff, Evans, de Bressac, Green (Caitlin), Howard (Maya Williams) and Burt.

Please present the voucher for One Child Free at the Box Office at least 48 hours prior to 28 September, as this is the show the ticket is valid for. Further information is available on the ticket. Winning tickets will be sent home today.