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Dear Parents and Carers

What a finish to a great year! As a school community, we would like to thank all parents and children for continuing to make this school such a wonderful place. We are blessed with a fantastic staff who are so dedicated to making this school a great experience for your children.

We wish you all a wonderful holiday break and look forward to welcoming you back in 2018. Staff will be at school on Monday and Tuesday next week if there are any final things that need to be discussed before the end of the 2017 school year. 

STAGE TWO CHESS COMPETITION: After two terms of many challenges, we would like to congratulate the students in Stage Two that have been involved with the school chess challenge. The final was a tough competition between the two boys and we would like to congratulate Nikolas Mihalopoulos on winning and Tobias Toohey for coming runner-up in the Stage Two Chess Competition for 2017.

PBS END OF TERM TREAT: The children thoroughly enjoyed the water fun afternoon on Monday. The leadership team members were lucky enough to attend and support supervision. The slip 'n' slide and water squirts were so much fun. This was definitely a hit and will be used as a possible treat idea again in the future. A huge thank you to the PBS committee for their support and organisation throughout the whole year. They have achieved amazing results and we look forward to involving parents even more into the future.

YEAR 6 GRADUATION WEEK: This week has been filled with events for the children to celebrate the end to their primary schooling. The Graduation Mass was a lovely celebration on Tuesday and this was followed by a very enjoyable dinner/dance and parent celebration on Tuesday night. We had a large number of parents join us for the night and it was a great social experience for all. We would like to thank all parents and carers involved in any of the committees to support the night. They all did such a wonderful job and it made the night such a great success. Another huge thank you to the Year 6 staff. They have spent hours planning everything to make this final week such a memorable one. We thank them for the way in which this has been a great farewell for the children and families. The Year 6 gift to the school was money towards the mural painting in the Passive Play area.

SEMESTER TWO REPORT - AWARD RECIPIENTS: Congratulations to the students who received the Principal Gold, Silver and Attendance Awards in their school report on Monday afternoon. A list has been provided on the following pages.

MAI BOOKINGS: Please ensure that you make your child's MAI booking as soon as possible. Bookings can be made up until the end of the holiday period. Please go to The code to log on is tcabt. Please refer to the orange note that went home with all children yesterday.

YEAR 6 2018 SPECIAL SPORTS SHIRT: A letter was sent home with all children in Year Five today regarding a special opportunity for next year. Please ask your child for a copy of the letter if you have not received it already.

CLASS TRANSITIONS: The children enjoyed their Wednesday transition opportunity with their new teachers. Thank you to the staff who spent hours making the new class groups and trialling the groups in the weeks leading up to the final class transition morning.

CONGRATULATIONS: We welcome to our extended Aggies family Sophia Seckold, a little sister born last Thursday, to Max (KJ) and Jaxon.

FAREWELL: Our St Agnes' community says farewell to quite a few families at the end of this year. This list includes our outgoing Year 6 families, along with the families that are moving town or moving due to a change in house location. We would like to wish them all the best for 2018 and beyond. Adams, Alchin, Atkins, Awad, Ayres, Baker, Bate, Burns, Cains, Carrick, Cameron, Campbell, Clarke, Collins, Curtis, Douglas, Drury, Duncan, Edmed, Edwards, Fineanganofo, Fox, Gilmour, Glew, Grainger, Green, Ignacio, Jopling, Keith, Laws, Letchford, Lickley, Mah, Mainwaring, Mannion, McAnally, McIntosh, McKinnon, Meehan, Michell, Minogue, Moody, Myers, O'Connor, Overton, Praveen, Reimer-Madden, Ruhl, Scaysbrook, Sherlock, Smith, Sprague, Stace, Thomson, Tierney, Vishanth, Walsh, Warneken, Willis, Wilmot and Yamanouchi.

CONGRATULATIONS: To this week's PBS winners: Kalani Adams-Garcia, Charlotte Baker, Chris Bullock, Savannah Campbell, Harley Cooper, Jarrod Dingle, Nathan Keane and Mikaeli Morgan.