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WEEK 1, TERM 1 2017


Staff Development Day / Pupil Free Day
Office open from 10:30am – 3:30pm

WEEK 2, TERM 1 2017


 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time


MAI and Pre-booked Child Minding - students Years 1 - Year 6
Beststart and MAI - Kindergarten 2017


MAI and Pre-booked Child Minding - students Years 1 - Year 6
Beststart and MAI - Kindergarten 2017


MAI and Pre-booked Child Minding - students Years 1 - Year 6
Beststart and MAI - Kindergarten 2017


MAI and Pre-booked Child Minding - students Years 1 - Year 6
Beststart and MAI - Kindergarten 2017


First day of school for Students Year 1 - Year 6 - Normal School Uniform
Beststart and MAI - Kindergarten 2017

WEEK 3, TERM 1 2017


5th Sunday in Ordinary Time


School Prayer
First day of school for Kindergarten 2017 - Normal School Uniform

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 Dear Parents and Carers

What an action-packed year 2016 has been! I would like to congratulate all the children on the way in which they have shown a commitment to their learning and actively participated in all the exciting events/activities that were organised throughout the year. It was such an honour to read all of the student reports for Semester Two, and I feel very proud of their individual achievements. It was also lovely to be able to offer so many Principal Gold and Silver Awards for exceptional and outstanding achievement in work habits, attitudes and social achievements. Recipients of the Principal Gold Award have been outlined below. The children thoroughly enjoyed the Swimming Carnival held last Friday. A huge thank you to Ms Claire Michell for coordinating such a fantastic day. It was also great to see the teachers win back the “Teacher-Parent” trophy after their record-breaking relay swims in the Teacher-Parent relay event!!

YEAR 6 GRADUATION CELEBRATIONS: It has been such a pleasure to join with Year 6 in celebrating their Graduation events over the past week. While I have not been at St Agnes’ to witness all of their educational journey, I have had the privilege this year, of watching them grow and develop into wonderful senior students, who have led the school in so many ways. A huge thank you and congratulations must also go to the Year 6 Teaching Team for the support, guidance and encouragement that they have provided to the children over the past two years.

The graduation dinner was such a great success, and special thanks must go to the parents that assisted with the planning and preparation of the night. To each of the committees and helpers, we are truly grateful for the time, effort and hard work you put into making the whole graduation dinner such a wonderful event. The children had such a fun night and they loved all the decorations. They also really enjoyed Fr Peter’s karaoke performance at the end of the evening.

 I would like to make special mention of Mrs Daniella O’Brien (Leader of Catechesis) and Mr Krysten Jones (Leader of Curriculum) for their ongoing commitment and support of the school in their recent leadership roles this term. They have both done an amazing job in their roles and were both at the forefront of some of the new initiatives and structures that were implemented at the school during Term 4.

HEARTFELT THANKS: I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire school community for their support, friendship and encouragement throughout the year. I would particularly like to thank Christy Ismay and the Leadership Team for their assistance and guidance through Term 4 while in the Acting Principal role. I would also like to acknowledge all the wonderful staff at St Agnes’ for the dedication and commitment they continually display to support your children and each other.  A thank you to the Leadership Team for the great work they have done this year.

 STAFF FAREWELLS: To all the staff who are leaving next year, I wish you every success and happiness at your new schools and in your new roles. To Mrs Soerensen, you will be sorely missed at St Agnes’. Thank you for your 15 years of dedicated service to our school community. We wish you all the best in the next part of your life’s journey.

 As a staff, we are excited about 2017 and are looking forward to some exciting new initiatives and additions to the school. We would like to wish all of our families a very Merry Christmas and a happy, safe and relaxing holiday break. We look forward to welcoming you all back at the end of January!

 2017 MAI INTERVIEW ON-LINE BOOKINGS: This week a note went home with each child with instructions on how to book your Year 1 - 6 (2017) child into a half hour interview with their new teacher. The interview period will run from Monday 30 January until Thursday 2 February (inclusive). Children are only required to be at school for this thirty-minute interview, and we sincerely thank you for your support.

The school will be offering free child care facilities for those families unable to organise alternative arrangements for this period. A separate booking code for childcare was also included on this note. Bookings for interviews and care must be made by Friday 20 January so that adequate staffing for this period can be organised. It is important for everyone’s care and safety that you book your child into care if you intend to send them to school over this period.

SEMESTER TWO REPORTS - PRINCIPAL GOLD AWARDS: All students have now received a copy of their Semester Two School Report. It is with great pleasure that I announce that the recipients of the Principal Gold Award for Semester Two 2016 were:

KINDERGARETEN: Laya Abraham, Angus Browning, Georgie Carlton, Elliana Drury, Talani Fuller, Paxton Goldring, Shannon Lusung, Bella McNeil, Abby Moloney, Georgie Mulder, Maya Perry, Koby Stewart, Hannah Sullivan and Lachlan Walters

YEAR 1: Scarlet Brooke, Ivy Collins, Zakkiah Galea, Darcie Gleeson, Ebony Hassett, Bray Hawker, James Howard, Dylan Keane, Annabelle Kerr, Charlotte McEntyre, Declan McWhirter, Arliah Morris, Noah Prince, Luke Stevens and Janisa Vinod

 YEAR 2: Hailie Attwells, Sophia Bailey, Bridie Baird, Cooper Beukers, Dane Bittu, Sarah Blackney, Abby Buttsworth, Alexander Clapoudis, Samuel Duff, Jack Duff, Lenni Gosling, Phoebe Hagenbach, Angus Ismay, Asha McLean, Daniel Mercer, Jamie Merrick, Tom Newman, Daisy Pees, Holly Robertson, Zsofia Rohr, Jack Ryan, Lucy Ryan, Trinity Schein, Marshall Tierney, Hallie Tydd, Eleanor Vickers, Felix Wade and Daisy Wright

 YEAR 3: Aidan Archer, Falyn Carle, Samantha Carlton, Kalani Citraro, Elkie Croft, Braeden Fuller, Katie Godden, Max Hanley, Cooper Hodge, Fletch Irwin, Riley Judd, Anahata Maple, Hunter Mayes, Olivia McGahon, Hayden McIntosh, Jamali Middlebrook, Rachel Nichols, Matthew Nottle, Summer Oakman, Ruby Payne, Charlotte Porteous, Kahdia Radley, Maya Southwell, Marcella Stace, Ruby Watts, Trinty Wilson, Noah Woods and Theo Wright

YEAR 4: Brodie Brown, Sophie Buttsworth, Atahlia Collins, Tyla Dal Broi, Tallara Duck, Kohdi Edmondston, Jarrod Hargreaves, Olivia Harper, Sienna Hassett, Amy Hatherly, Sophia Hemsley, Ella  Hogan, Drew Huender, Ella Hutchison, Trelise Kirkby, Alanah Logan-Pye, Imijin Lynn, Nixon McGoldrick, Andie McGrath, Liam Mercer, Alistair Morris-Boyd, Vaughan Munro, Tahnee Plews, Emily Prince, Tahlia Reed, Tom Ryan, Alice Smith, Eliza Todd, Jamie Vinod, Summer Von Hartitzsch, Abby Wagner, Tom Watson and Brady Watts

YEAR 5: Riley Bate, Liam Cameron, Hunter Croft, Kiara Dalton, Olivia Duncan, Emily Edmed, Samuel Fox, April Glew, Angelina Graham, Zali Green, Heo Ignacio, Isabel Jeffree, Caitlin Judd, Samantha Leech, Chelsea Lewis, Huon Lickley, Samuel Logan-Pye, Nikko Mah, Indiana Mayes, Piper McLean, Jessica Michell, Wilson Minogue, Harry Newman, Alice Overton, Sienna Oxley, Cameron Porteous, Denzil Praveen, Sophie Prince, Paris Reimer-Madden, Hugh Robertson, Georgia Ryan, Fleur Sherlock, Emersyn Smith, Byron Smith, Sophie Sprague, Jack Tierney, Lola Vasilescu, Chester Wade and Marcus Wright

YEAR 6: Don Bittu, Jocelyn Bleasdale, Joelle Buntschu, Madeleine Buttsworth, Charlotte Carrick, Lahni Cramer, Camryn Dal Broi, Noah Darrington, Katie Duffy, Chloe Gilder, Hayden Green, Ryan Harper, Leo Hunt, Jasmyn Hunter, Jack Kirkby, Jannel Lusung, Claire McIntosh, Phoebe Minogue, Emily Moloney, Bede Munro, Jackson Newman, Kiera Plews, Maddison Reed, Phoebe Sprague, Lily Stace, Dominica Toohey, Tayla Vatalidis, Amelie Wagner, Harley Williams and Dane Young

FAREWELL AND THANK YOU: Best wishes to the families, who are leaving us, from Year 6 and other years, bound for new places and new schools listed below:

Baird, Blanch, Bleasdale, Breen, Castelletto, Condon, Constable, Cramer, Darrington, Fletcher, Ford, Gilder, Gomes, Green, Hiam, Holmes, Howarth, Hunt, Hunter, Jeffree, Klene, Leech, Lewis, Lindfield, Lynch, Mullan, Nincsics, Northey, Oakman, Orobello, Pees, Rai, Reid, Rowe, Seymour, Shelley, Skellern, Slight, Tierney, Vogels and Williams families.

JOMPRIM RELOCATION - CAR PARK RESTORATION: As you will be aware, JOPRIM Uniform Shop will be relocating to the School Hall in January for the next stage of refurbishment to the school car park area. Once again, we thank the Parish for their generous support and contribution for this maintenance project.

KINDERGARTEN BEST START / MAI INTERVIEWS: Kindegarten 2017 students will receive a note shortly, about booking MAI and BestStart interviews for next year. Kindergarten 2017 students have a different code than others students (pvk9v) as these interviews will take one hour each. The purpose of these interviews is to help the teacher gather information to guide the teaching of these students.

2017 STAFFING UPDATE: The leadership team will continue interviews for temporary positions for the 2017 school year next Monday. A letter and email will be sent out to Yr 5 families introducing the new teacher early next week, once the positions have been filled.