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Dear Parents and Carers

MESSAGE FROM THE CATHOLIC SCHOOLS OFFICE: St Agnes' Primary School is a strong Professional Learning Community that values the gifts and talents of their dedicated staff. The community is fortunate to have strong teachers and leadership who are willing to share their talents across the Diocesan school system. You may not realise, but a number of staff take up opportunities for professional growth in positions that support the wider endeavour of Catholic Education. Staff are seconded to these positions and then return to the school community. This is a bonus for your school, as staff bring back to the school community many additional gifts to share with your children. The diocese thanks you for your continued support of the wonderful staff at St Agnes' Primary School.

God Bless each of you and your families - Michele McDonald, Assistant Director - Learning Services

STAFFING (TEACHER) ANNOUNCEMENTS: - Mrs Cath U'Brien has announced that she will be retiring at the end of 2018. Further information and recognition of Cath will be provided in the newsletter next week.
- Mrs Colleen McQueen will be taking twelve months leave to spend time with her gorgeous grandchildren. Over the past two years, Colleen?s family has grown significantly. She is so excited to have this special time with them all and we look forward to welcoming her back at the start of 2020. You may still see Colleen around
the school next year, as she has so kindly offered to support our school in a Casual Teacher capacity.
Both Cath and Colleen have been long standing staff members with us and will be dearly missed.
- Mrs Christy Ismay has been appointed as CSO Education Officer on a three year secondment.This is such an exciting opportunity for Christy.

As mentioned above by Michele McDonald, our school has been in a very unique position to offer such talented staff to service the Catholic Schools Office in greater capacity.

In recent years, we have had the following staff engage in this wonderful career opportunity: Mrs Eloise Toombs (Burgmann) on two different occasions, Mrs Stacey Mullin and Mrs Donna Sprague. We wish Christy all the best for the next three years and will look forward to welcoming her back at the start on 2022!
- Mr Jason Purkis will be completing a twelve month exchange to St Joseph's Primary School, Port Macquarie. Parish transfers offer a great opportunity for staff to experience another school setting. We are blessed in Port Macquarie to have access to so many schools, without having to relocate their family. We look forward to welcoming Jason back at the start of 2020.

We would like to congratulate and thank these staff for the wonderful contributions that they have made to the St Agnes' community over many, many years.
- Mrs Caroline Cox will return to Canada at the end of the year, following her twelve month exchange with us. We would like to thank her for her contribution this year. We are very excited to welcome back Mrs Emma Kelly from her exchange to Canada.
Further acknowledgement of these staff members will occur next week.

Parish appointments to St Agnes' for 2019: It is with much excitement that we welcome the following local Parish staff to St Agnes' from St Joseph's Primary School, Port Macquarie:
Mrs Kym Condon, Mr Daniel Evans, Mrs Kim Post and Mrs Holly Sallustio
We also welcome:
Miss Danica Hawkins (currently teaching at St Joseph's, Kempsey), Mrs Kristie Walker (Currently teaching at Holy Name Primary, Forster); and Mr Drew Wilson (returning to St Agnes' after spending time in the USA

LEADERSHIP TEAM 2019: We are very pleased to announce the following leadership appointments for 2019:
- Principal: Ginaya Yarnold
- Principal (Acting): Mr Rick Galvin will hold this position whilst I am on Maternity Leave from 4 March until the end of the 2019 school year.
- Assistant Principal (Mission): Mrs Donna Sprague
- Assistant Principal (Learning and Teaching) replacing Rick Galvin from 4 March until the end of the 2019 school year: Mrs Eloise Toombs
- Leader of Pedagogy: Mrs Claire Thurlow
- Leader of Writing K-6: Miss Lucy Jackson
- Leader of Additional Needs/PBS/Enrichment: Mrs Kate de Bressac
- Leader of Science and Technology/Digital Pedagogies/STEM: Mrs Daniella O'Brien
- Leader of Sport/PDHPE: Mr Craig Brazel

LEADERSHIP STRUCTURE 2019: We have listened to parent feedback, along with strategic focusing from a school level, and will engage in a new leadership proposal for 2019. This will mean that leadership staff are no longer away from their class one day a week. It will involve a focus on maintaining our most effective teaching staff on class with the children five days per week. Leadership Team members will now hold a ?bucket?of days that can be allocated at any time during the year to address the needs of their leadership role. We believe that this greater level of consistency in the classroom will be very beneficial to the children in their classes.

CREATIVE ARTS IN 2019: This Release from Face-to-face teacher time will now be provided across five days per week, beginning after Lunch One each day. 

2019 TEACHER CLASS PLACEMENT: It is with great pleasure that we announce the following teacher placements for 2019.
Kindergart en: Mr Krysten Jones, Mrs Robyn McCartney, Mrs Lisa James (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and Mrs Lucy Welsh (Thursday and Friday)
Year One: Mrs Jessica Stewart, Mrs Simone Tydd and Ms Tatiana Bye (Morning Sessions)
Year Two: Miss Danica Hawkins, Mrs Kim Post, Mrs Larissa Toohey (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and Mrs Emily Brazel (Thursday and Friday)
Year Three: Mrs Trish Todd, Mrs Emma Kelly (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and Mrs Jenny Mercer (Thursday and Friday), Mrs Jeanette Reynolds and Mrs Elise Gardiner (Morning Sessions)
Year Four: Mrs Kym Condon, Daniella O'Brien, Mr Andrew (Drew) Wilson

Year Five: Mrs Angelique Alchin, Mrs Anne Halloran and Mr Daniel Evans

Year Six: Mr Craig Brazel, Miss Lucy Jackson, Mrs Holly Sallustio (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and Mrs Kristie Walker (Thursday and Friday)
Creative Arts:
- Music and Dance: Ms Tatiana Bye
- Drama: Mrs Cynthia Nosworthy
- Visual Arts: Mrs Jeanette Reynolds and Mrs Elise Gardiner

We are sure that you will join with us in congratulating these staff on their appointments. Further information will be provided in the newsletter next week. We will also be announcing Support Staff changes at this time.

TRANSITION FOR 2019 CLASSES, MONDAY 17 DECEMBER: On Monday 17 December from 12:00pm until 1:30pm, all children in Kindergarten to Year Five will be participating in a special transition session with their new classes for 2019. We ask that parents please prepare their children and let them know that even if they are not with friends, they will still have opportunities to be with them throughout the day during break times. We hope to have as many new teachers here as possible. 

KINDERGARTEN 2019 PARENT INFORMATION SESSION: Thank you to the parents that were able to join us for the final information session last night. It was great to gather as a new parent group. Thank you to the Kindergarten team for leading the presentation. A further thank you to Craig Suosaari, our Speech Pathologist, for leading a very useful session on language development. We were also grateful to have leadership team members attend to further support the night.

END OF YEAR MASS: We would like to invite all school community members to join us for our final school Mass of the year on Tuesday 11 December at 12:30pm. This is our opportunity to celebrate together and thank God, for the blessings we have received during 2018.

DIOCESAN PRINCIPALS' CONFERENCE: Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Diocesan Principals' Conference in Lismore. It was a great opportunity to network with other school leaders.

PARENT HELPERS THANK YOU MORNING TEA: We look forward to joining our Parent helpers on Monday morning at a morning tea hosted by the School Executive. Even if you have not returned your RSVP, you are still welcome to join us outside the Hall.
CAROLS NIGHT: Preparations are well underway for a wonderful finish to the year with our carols night on the same day as our end of year Mass. We invite all families to a wonderful night of songs and laughter to finish out the very busy 2018 school year. The night will commence at 5:30pm and finish at 6:45pm. This year, weather permitting, the night will be held on the top oval. Please see the attached flyer for further details.

UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE PRAC STUDENT: Today, we farewell Aden Wyborn (4G) who has been completing his 3rd Year practicum at St Agnes' this term. We have enjoyed having him as a part of our school community over the past four weeks, and we wish him all the best for his future teaching career. A big thank you to Mrs Gardiner who took on the added responsibility of supervising and mentoring Aden this term.