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 WEEK 4, TERM 1, 2016


1st Sunday of Lent

St Agnes' hosting Parish Mass - 5:00pm


Cross Country Training - 8:30am - Bottom Oval


P&F Meeting - 5:45pm - Staffroom


Sports Day - Students in Years 4 and 6 

Beginning School Mass - 10:00am - Hall

Zone Swimming Carnival- Macksville


Sports Day - Students in Kindergarten, Years 1, 2, and 3


Staff meeting - 8:20am - Office closed until 8:55am


Cross Country Training - 8:30am - Bottom Oval

Sports Day - Students in Year 5

Staff Prayer - 8:30am - Office Closed until 8:40am

Assembly - 2:10pm - Hall


FEB 22 - Winter Sports Trials

FEB 23 - School Cross Country

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Dear Parents and Carers,
It was lovely to come together as a Catholic faith community to celebrate the Ash Wednesday liturgy this week. This year we were extremely lucky to have Fr Peter Wood lead this prayer celebration. We hope that the children talked more with you about the importance of Ash Wednesday as the start of Lent in the Church calendar. Fr Peter spoke with the children about the three main focuses for Lent of almsgiving, prayer and fasting. We encourage you to talk with your children about what they can do in the home environment to further support their Lent experience.
I have been so proud of our children at St Agnes' Primary. After three weeks, we can say that they have begun the school year with impeccable behaviour and have embraced the learning opportunities that have been available to them. As parents, you should all be very proud of the beautiful, caring children that you have raised. I would also like to thank the staff so much for the ongoing dedication, love and commitment they show to the children and their learning.
We are truly blessed at St Agnes' to have such an amazing staff and I hope it is visible to you all how much we love working together.
PARISH THANK YOU: As a school community, we are so very grateful for the financial support that we have received from the Parish over the past twelve to eighteen months. We have been lucky enough to have four toilet blocks refurbished, along with the first two stages of the carpark upgrade. Each of these projects have required considerable funds to be allocated within an already tight parish budget. We thank Fr Donnelly for supporting our school to see these improvements made.
NEW PRIMARY ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND: After three weeks of heavy use, the children have thoroughly loved the new addition to the playground. Once again, a huge thank you to the fundraising efforts of the P&F that allowed the school to make this purchase. We look forward to even more great purchases in the future from the funds raised.
EXTERNAL PAINTING: We were so excited to hear the news that the external painting upgrade has begun for our school. We are extremely lucky to have been given another parish grant for this to happen. The paint will bring a new life to the exterior of the school and we look forward to seeing the transformation over the coming weeks and months. We will also be adding some further colour bursts to the classroom areas.
COMPLIANCE AND SRI: 2016 is a very big year for the school from an administrative point of view. We will all be working through a focus on school improvement and compliance with the Board of Studies and Diocesan expectations. This will be a year long process and all stakeholders within our community will be involved. All schools complete this process every five years. Staff, parents and students will complete surveys that will inform our future five year Strategic Management Plan. This is a very exciting time as we plan together for what we would like our school to work towards over the next five years beginning January 2017. We look forward to working together to make our school an even better place!
MEDICAL INFORMATION: To align with our other local Parish primary schools, unfortunately, the Office can no longer stock and dispense Panadol/Nurofen to the children. If your children has an ongoing need for Panadol throughout the year, a script/letter from the doctor with the appropriate dosage can be provided to the school with the medicine. However, we will now no longer be able to stock Panadol for incidental reasons. If your child requires pain relief, you will be called to come and provide the medicine and dispense for them. We apologise for any inconvenience, but it is important that we align to the other Parish schools with this matter. If you have any questions, please contact me at school.
ASTHMA MEDICATION: This year we are introducing a new process for all children with an asthma diagnosis. To align to recommendations made by the National Asthma Council, children will now be able to carry their individual reliever puffer (e.g Ventolin) with them at school, either on their body or in their bag. Parents can then also provide an additional puffer to the school office in case of emergencies. Most children with an asthma diagnosis are very capable of self medicating and managing their own asthma.
BEGINNING SCHOOL MASS: Our beginning of school year Mass will be on Tuesday, 16 February at 10:00am in the Hall. This is a significant event where our whole School Community come together to celebrate the beginning of the 2016 school year. All parents, families and friends are invited to attend. We would like to invite all those able to attend to join the children for lunch. Please BYO. We hope that many of you are able to attend.
P&F MEETING: I look forward to welcoming new and existing parents to our first P&F meeting of the year, Monday 5:45pm in the Staffroom. Everyone is welcome.