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Dear Families

The term is flying by so quickly. It is hard to believe that we only have 4 more weeks until the end of term. Thank you to all of those families who were able to make it to the P & F Family night last Friday. It was great to see new and existing families enjoying time together whilst their children were entertained by the jumping castles. Thank you to the P & F for hiring the jumping castles and providing free sausage sandwiches on the night.

KINDERGARTEN 2020 ENROLMENT INFORMATION NIGHT: We are continuing with the new tradition of holding a combined Parish schools Kindergarten 2020 Enrolment Information Night. This year, our information night will be held at St Joseph's Primary School on Tuesday 2 April from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. Leadership team members from all three schools will be hosting this information session for all interested parents. Please see further information in the attached flyer.

P & F MEETING AND AGM MEETING: The Annual General Meeting for the Parents and Friends Association will be held in the staffroom at 5:45pm on Monday night. All parents/carers are welcome to attend to share their wisdom in creating new ideas and improving existing practices to ensure our school flourishes. The P & F have organised numerous initiatives over the years, which has allowed us to purchase some amazing resources and equipment for our school community. Two of the major fundraising events organised by the P & F are the Golf Day and our famous School Fair. Please feel free to join us to learn more about the school and to make some new friends. 

GOLF DAY: Exciting news...The Aggies Golf Day has been set for Sunday, 23 June at the Emerald Downs Golf Course. This is a fun day for socialising with friends and school families. Suzy Spicer and her team have begun organising the event. Anyone wishing to join the Golf Committee to help plan the day and recruit players, please contact Donna Sprague at school.

STAFF DEVELOPMENT DAY: Please note that the postponed Seven Steps Writing Staff Development Day from Friday Week 1 has been rescheduled for Friday Week 10.

SCHOOL PHONE SYSTEM UPGRADE: Please note that next Friday 22 March our school?s phone system will be upgraded. This upgrade involves a scheduled outage which will cause our phone system to shut down for approximately an hour. On the day we we will send out an app alert to advise the phone outage times. Please contact the office if you have any concerns regarding this matter.

NAPLAN ONLINE READINESS TEST: The annual NAPLAN Tests will move from pen and paper to online testing this year. The NAPLAN online tests will be completed by our Year 3 and 5 students between 14 May and 24 May 2019. Moving NAPLAN online will have a wide range of benefits for our students and teachers, including reduced time between testing and reporting, and a tailored test design that targets questions to meet student ability. Our Year 3 and 5 students will be completing the online readiness (practice) tests between 25 March and 5 April 2019. The practice tests will involve a 45-minute Omnibus test that includes Reading, Conventions of Language and Numeracy test items. Please note that there will be no results or feedback given from the practice tests. Further information for parents and carers can be found in the NAPLAN online brochure following this report.

ST PATRICK'S DAY: St Patrick's day is this Sunday, 17 March. This is the saint chosen by our Year 2 class to be their role model. St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland who explained the mystery of the trinity through showing a shamrock. Whilst he was a slave as a teenager, he found God. He later returned to his family and studied to be a priest. Through his ministry he converted many people to Christianity. We look forward to celebrating his feast day with Year 2 on Monday morning in the hall.

YEAR 4 REFLECTION DAY: Next Friday, Year 4 students will travel to the Youth Hub for their reflection day. This has been organised by their amazing teachers. We look forward to working with Vanessa Denham who will be supporting us at the Hub.

MINI VINNIES: Mini Vinnies consists of a group of students who generously give their time and ideas to learn more about social justice issues, plan events that will raise money for chosen charities and develop leadership skills. Staff and students meet regularly to help others in need within our school community and those outside. Currently we are supporting Project Compassion. With children being encouraged to drop spare coins in boxes in their classrooms. This money goes to support groups in Australia and other countries in buying educational resources, nutritional food, clean water and upskilling students and adults in careers that will help others.

EASTER EGG DONATION AND RAFFLE: It's that time again! Families can start sending in their Easter Egg raffle donations. A reminder that one donation per family is all that is required. When the donation is made, you will also receive a ticket into the raffle. Further tickets can be purchased at 50c each or 3 for $1. The Student Representative Council will begin to sell tickets over the coming weeks.

CLASS PARENT NETWORK: Thank you to the following parents that have kindly accepted the offer to be Class Parents for 2019:

Kindergarten: Cassandra Joyce, Elle Rockstroh and Hayley Owen
Year 1: Joanne Everson, Kristy Judge and Lynne Hope
Year 2: Carissa Hagenbach, Monique McEntyre and Rebecca Clifton
Year 3: Kylie Jones and Dorota Dzikowska
Year 4: Rachel Elford, Sue Stevens and Melinda Collins
Year 5: Kate McCarron, Sally Blair and Urania Croker
Year 6: Liz Fuller, Debbie Graham and Donna Carlton

Class Parents - please keep an eye out for your welcome dinner invitation, which will be shared with you in the near future.

CSU PRACTICUM STUDENTS: This week, we welcomed Jack Molyneaux to KJW and Matthew Gourlay to 2H who will be completing their Practicum Teaching Observation Placement on Wednesdays for 8 weeks. We look forward to having them as a part of our school community. A big thank you to Mrs Welsh, Mrs James and Miss Hawkins who will supervise and mentor these students.

GOD MOMENTS: We would like to acknowledge Michelle McNaught for the kindness she shows towards the younger students who are in need. Also, we would like to recognise, Kane Collins for the gentleness he displays when interacting with his peers.

FAREWELL: This week we say farewell to Estella (2H) and Jensen (KM) Sonter, who are leaving us. We hope you settle at your new school quickly.

HARMONY DAY COLOUR RUN: All children received their sponsorship form last week. The children are required to submit their sponsorship form to their class teacher for checking by Monday 1 April 2019. All sponsorships will then be returned to children to collect sponsorship money. Additional sponsorship sheets can be obtained from the School Office. All children who return their sponsorship forms with at least one donation will enter a draw to win a prize in the Fun Run raffle. Every $5.00 raised will secure an extra ticket in the raffle. The raffle draw will take place early in Term 2. All sponsorship money is to be collected and returned to school by Friday 3 May 2019.

As well as winning some amazing prices in the raffle draw, students/grades will have the opportunity the win the following -
- A free afternoon - the first grade that raises the most money and return all their sponsorship money will receive a free afternoon of their choice. The winning grade will also get to choose the charity they would like to donate a portion of the Fun Run money to.
- An Individual prize for the student who raises the most money in their grade
- An Individual prize for the student who raises the most in the school.
The first major event leading up to the Harmony Day Colour Run was the "Which Country or Culture am I?" guessing competition. To enter the competition, students were given 5 clues and had to guess the country or culture that each grade and Office Staff will be representing
on the day. Congratulations to our competition winners - Felix Wade, Maya Southwell and Seth Blair. Each grade chose the following countries and culture to represent on the day -

Kinder - Jamaica
Year 1 - England
Year 2 - Ireland
Year 3 - Fiji
Year 4 - Japan
Year 5 - Indigenous Australians
Year 6 - Italy
Office Staff - India

On the day, the children will have the option of dressing in the national colours or traditional dress of the country or culture they are representing. They will also be required to bring a white T-shirt to wear while participating in the Colour Run. We thank you for your continued support of this annual fundraising event. If any parent/carer would like to assist on the day, please contact the School Office.