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Dear Parents and Carers

There was certainly a lot of excitement about the Class Parent Disco's last night. A huge thank you to the parents for coordinating this event for the children. This week has been a big one for our students in Years 3 and 5, with NAPLAN running from Tuesday to Thursday.


PARISH YOUTH MASS:  Our school is once again hosting the Parish Youth Mass at 5:00pm on Sunday night. Thank you to the children that have already replied that they will be joining us. We encourage all children and families to attend, even if the notes haven't been returned. It is a wonderful opportunity to represent our school within the community.

PARISH VOLUNTEERS MASS: A special invite was sent home to parents that currently volunteer within the school. We invite all to the mass next Wednesday recognising the contribution that these people make to our community. Please see the attached flyer for more information.

P&F MEETING: A reminder that our next P&F Meeting will be held on Monday afternoon at 5:45pm in the staffroom. We invite all parents to join in these school community support and fundraising opportunities.

STAFF SPIRITUALITY RETREAT DAY/PUPIL FREE DAY: Please be aware that the staff spirituality retreat day has been set as Friday 8 June. No staff will be onsite at school on this day, so we please ask that parents make arrangements for their children. Our school Office will be open for parent communication and deliveries. This day is linked to the long weekend to hopefully make it easier for our families. Staff will be gathered together to further develop and enhance their own faith. We thank you for your ongoing support.


STAFF APPOINTMENTS: At the end of Term One, our Leader of Pedagogy (Eloise Toombs) was seconded back to the Catholic Schools Office in the role of Education Officer until the end of the 2018 school year. As part of this process, the school needed to appoint a new Leader of Pedagogy (LOP). A school based decision was made to turn this role into two positions, K-2 and 3-6. After an application and appointment process, it is with great pleasure that we announce the following:

Mrs Claire Thurlow has been appointed to the 3-6 role, this is a promotion from her Leader of Sport/PDHPE role.

Mrs Pam Burns has been appointed to the K-2 role, in addition to her current K-2 Reading Support role.

Mr Craig Brazel has been appointed to the role of Leader of Sport/PDHPE, in addition to his PBS Leader role.

We would like to congratulate the following staff on new appointments as a flow on from these three announcements:

Mrs Jenny Mercer has accepted the position of 2MB classroom teacher full-time. As Jenny is already a teacher on 2MB, it has been a very smooth transition for the children.

Mr Sam Taylor has accepted the position of 4T classroom teacher part-time. Claire and Sam will now job share on 4T, with Sam teaching the morning session until 12:15pm and Claire teaching the afternoon session each day. Sam has previously been a casual teacher at St Agnes’, so the children are familiar with him.

Mr Steve Hall will now be working on 6B, replacing Mr Brazel each Monday and Friday.

We are sure you will join with us in congratulating all of these staff members on these appointments. We are so lucky to have such a wealth of experience working within our school. 

OFFICE STAFF NEWS: You may have noticed a new face in the Office recently. Miss Olivia Gahan has been on work placement as part of her school learning program at Newman Senior Technical College. We are very excited to announce that Olivia has accepted a School-based Traineeship with us for the next 15 months. We congratulate Olivia on this appointment and I am sure you will join with us in making her feel welcome as part of our school community.

KINDERGARTEN 2019 ENROLMENTS: Applications are now being accepted for the three Catholic Primary Schools of St Agnes' Parish Port Macquarie - St Agnes', St Joseph's and St Peter's. Application forms may be obtained from:

 *             Each of these schools

*             St Joseph's and St Agnes' Pre-Schools/Long Day Care Centres;

*             The Parish Administration Centre, 49 Hay Street, Port Macquarie.

                Telephone: 6588 7444.

WINTER UNIFORM: As members of a greater parish community, we pride ourselves on the way that our children are represented through the way they wear their uniform. As we move into the change of season, we ask that you please ensure that children are in correct winter school uniform from the changeover date.

The changeover to Winter Uniform will happen on Tuesday, 13 June.  Below we have included winter uniform information as listed in the school handbook. It may be a good time to go through the wardrobe and check that uniforms still fit and ties are easily located. Don't forget the second hand uniform shop has some stock. If required, call into the school office to enquire about second hand uniforms.


Navy tunic to the knee

White long or short sleeve blouse

School tie

White socks (worn above ankle) or flesh or navy coloured tights (no socks over them)

Black polishable leather shoes (no ballet flats or dress shoes; heel no more than 30mm)

Navy jumper with school emblem (if required)

Only green, white or navy ribbons/headbands acceptable for tying back hair

School hat - (no beanies)


Grey shorts or long grey trousers

Blue shirt (long or short sleeves)

School tie

Long or short grey socks with school colours (worn above ankle)

Black polishable leather shoes

Navy jumper with school emblem (if required)

NB: Only regulation school shorts acceptable - no corduroy surf shorts

School hat - (no beanies)