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Dear Parents and Carers

It has certainly been a very big finish to the year. All children received their Semester Two reports on Monday afternoon. It was lovely to read through all reports over the previous few weeks. We would like to congratulate all children for the wonderful effort they have applied to their learning at school in Semester Two. We would like to congratulate the following children that were awarded a Principal's Award for an outstanding report:

Laya Maria Abraham, Josh Abraham, Bailey Ackroyd, Mars Anastas, Alanna Anil, Aidan Archer, Sarah Blackney, Emily Blanch, Mia Bringans, Scarlet Brooke, Annali Brown, Adam Bryant, Sophie Bryant, Abby Buttsworth, Sophie Buttsworth, Patrick Byrne, Georgie Carlton, Samantha Carlton, Evie Carney, Leyna Casey, Victoria Clapoudis, Hunter Clark, Jessinia Collins, Ivy Collins, Lainey Cox, Elkie Croft, Hunter Davis, Tallara Duck, Frank Dzikowski, Kohdi Edmondston, Matilda Elford, Tyson Elkins, Luke Everson, Georgia Fava, Matthew Firkin, Ava Fryer, Henry Fryer, Braeden Fuller, Anna Gardiner, Billy Gleeson, Elloise Gleeson, Katie Godden, Amarlie Gregory, Anika Grogan, Mitchell Hagenbach, Phoebe Hagenbach, Leah Hanson, Ebony Hassett, Sienna Hassett, Amy Hatherly, Ava-Grace Hawker, Sophia Hemsley, Angus Ismay, Grace Judge, Brady Keane, Dylan Keane, Audrey Kinney, Charlee Lawlor, Emily Lonergan, Elkie Lynn, Anahata
Maple, Abygail Mason, Hunter Mayes, Antonia McEntyre, Charlotte McEntyre, Olivia McGahon, Andie McGrath, Declan McWhirter, Daniel Mercer, Liam Mercer, Jamie Merrick, Brianna Moloney, Bailey Moore, Georgie Mulder, Vaughan Munro, Marley Nasso, Montana Newell, Rachel Nichols, Lauren Nichols, Jayla Nixon, Lotte Paterson, Maeve Pepper, Maya Perry, Noah Prince, Tahlia Reed, Chloe Ribot de Bressac, Ava Ribot de Bressac, James Rohr, Zsofia Rohr, Lucy Ryan, Aaliyah Sadler, Akshara Sanaw, William Saunders, Max Schneider, Annabelle Soady, Koby Stewart, Ghida Stewart, Braxton Stewart, Hannah Sullivan, Zachary Thomas, Eliza Todd, Tobias Toohey, Hallie Tydd, Dhiya Varsani, Eleanor Vickers, Janisa Vinod, Jamie Vinod, Pippa Wade, Georgia White, Daisy Wright and Theo Wright

YEAR SIX GRADUATION AND FAREWELL: The past few days have been very big for our children in Year Six. At the end of today, we farewell them from our school, a place they have been a part of for up to seven years. Thank you to the parents and visitors that were able to join us for the Graduation Mass. All children were presented with their Graduation Certificates and we would like to announce the following recipients of Special Awards:

DUX: Amy Hatherly
PRINCIPAL AWARD: Liam Mercer and Sophia Hemsley
ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT: Brianna Moloney, Sophia Hemsley, Ava-Grace Hawker, Tahlia Reed, Trelise Kirkby, Alice Smith, Vaughan Munro and Andie McGrath
COMMUNITYSERVICE: Lauren Nichols and Sophie Buttsworth
ST AGNES' PARISH AWARD: Ava-Grace Hawker, Jamie Vinod and Caitlyn Toomey
CREATIVEARTSAWARDS: Victoria Clapoudis and Eliza Todd
SPORTSAWARDS: Tom Ryan and Tallara Duck
STUDENT LEADERSHIP: Tom Ryan, Amy Hatherly, Tom Watson, Alice Smith, Andrew Yates, Sophie Buttsworth, Vaughan Munro, Eliza Todd, Liam Mercer and Andie McGrath
Flinders - Kohdi Edmonston, Tyla Dal Broi, Tahlia Reed and Trelise Kirkby
Kennedy - Nixon McGoldrick, Hayley Purkis, Tallara Duck and Aaliyah Sadler
Boronia - Sophie Hillier, Ryan Hancock, Emily Prince and Brianna Moloney
Clarence - Dereje Thompson, Sophia Hemsley, Ava-Grace Hawker and Jesse Young

The end of this year, farewells a considerable amount of families from Year Six as their last child leaves St Agnes'. We would like to thank these families for their support, involvement and participation in our school community over many years. We hope you leave our community with fond memories of your time with us. We farewell the following Year Six families for the last time:

Arday, Baillon, Beltzig, Brown, Brown, Cannavo, Carroll, Cassar, Cutcliffe, Dal Broi,Duck, Edmondston, Fava, Glassie, Green, Green, Hargreaves, Harper, Hatherly, Hemsley, Heppingstone, Hicks, Hillier, Hitchings, Hogan, Huender, Huggett, Hutchison, Kirkby, Kirkman-Stone, Logan-Pye, Mason, Meertens, Moore, Morris-Boyd, Mulley, Munro, Nichols, Pawlak, Payne, Plews, Prince, Purkis, Sadler, Soady, Steele, Tate, Thompson, Toomey, Trappett-Byrne,  Verdon,Wagner,Watson,White, Wong and Young families

GRADUATION DINNER: Well, the parents have managed to do it again! The way that the whole hall transforms into a completely different environment is a true testament to the hard work and involvement of many. The theme for this year was 'Arabian Nights'. A massive thank you to all parents that were members of committees that helped set up for and run the night. It was truly a wonderful celebration for the children that they will all remember for many years to come.

The children were also treated to special performances by Father Peter of both singing and dancing that the children thoroughly enjoyed. I would like to say a huge thank you to the Year Six Team and all staff involved in making these final events so special. I know that the children will have a great time today at Stone Aqua Water Park and we wish them all the best as they move on to their next adventure!

STAFF FAREWELL ASSEMBLY: Just a quick message from Mr Galvin and myself. Both Rick and I were so very sorry that we both could not be there last Friday. Unfortunately, we both had unexpected things come up that required us to be out of Port Macquarie. We would have never dreamed of missing such a special occasion, but unfortunately, sometimes life doesn't give you that chance. This was a very special day for the staff members we farewelled. We truly value all of
the staff at our school and we are so privileged to work in such a great community.

Some staff we will be farewelling forever, and some staff will be back after twelve months or three years, others we will see around the school in a different role. We would like to thank each and every one of them for everything they have offered our school community over one or many years of dedicated service. St Agnes' is such a special place to be and each and every one of these staff members have contributed to making our school a better place. We cannot thank them enough for everything they have done and both of us would like to wish them all the best. We have had a chance to farewell them at other staff functions.

BEGINNING OF SCHOOL 2019: We would like to confirm that the first day for students to return in 2019 will be Monday 4 February. This will be to support the following beginning for staff and students:
- Tuesday 29 January 2019: School opens and all staff return for the School Administration Day.
- Wednesday 30 January 2019 and Thursday 31 January 2019: Children in Kindergarten begin Best Start and MAI individual interview times with teachers.
Children in Years 1-6 begin individual interview times with their teachers for the MAI. Please remember to book your time online. Babysitting offered at school for any families in Years 1-6 that require it.
- Friday 1 February 2019: Professional Learning Day for Staff - This has been scheduled as the Pupil Free Day for Term One, we hope that this assists families, rather than having to return for one day and then have a day off in Week 3/4.
Babysitting offered at school for any families in Years 1-6 that require it. 
- Monday 4 February 2019: First day of school for all children in Years 1- 6. Children in Kindergarten continue Best Start and MAI individual interview times with teachers.
- Tuesday 5 February 2019: Children in Kindergarten continue Best Start and MAI individual interview times with teachers.
- Wednesday 6 February 2019: First day of school for Kindergarten children.
We hope that this will allow a smooth transition for both children and families. If you require babysitting at school for children in Years 1-6 during this time, please ensure that you book online using the following code 8b5x9

MAI INTERVIEWS: Again this year, as part of a Diocesan initiative, starting days for students at the commencement of the 2019 academic year for St Agnes' Primary School will be delayed for Years K to 6 to allow staff to conduct individual assessment interviews for all children in Mathematics. Years 1 t o 6 will commence on Monday 4 February 2019, while our Kindergarten cohort will commence on Wednesday 6 February 2019. All primary schools in the Diocese are incorporating MAI. Primary schools in Port Macquarie - St Peter's, St Agnes' and St Joseph's Primary schools will implement the recommended delayed start in 2019.

2019 TRANSITION DAY FOR STUDENTS: On Monday this week, all children had an opportunity to meet their new teacher for 2019 and spend some time with their new class mates. All children seemed to enjoy this chance to become familiar with their new environment as well. We look forward to welcoming two teachers at the start of next year that were unable to be with us on Monday - Mr Wilson and Mrs Walker. Mrs Walker did get a chance to meet the children going into Year Six next year on Tuesday morning this week.

STUDENT HOUSE LEADERS: It is with great pleasure that we announce the following House Leader positions for 2019:
Boronia - Kimberley Manns and Olivia McGahon
Clarence - Brae Fuller, Hunter Mayes and Maya Southwell
Flinders - Ruby Payne and Sophie Bryant
Kennedy - Makennah Collins, Billy Gleeson, Jasmine Hurley and Matthew Nottle

We would like to congratulate these students on this leadership opportunity.

STAFF NEWS AND APPOINTMENTS: Please join with me in congratulating Mrs Cynthia Nosworthy and Mrs Jessica Stewart on being appointed as the two Graduate Teacher Mentor roles for 2019. Cynthia and Jess will work with both Graduate and Proficient level staff to assist with accreditation and maintenance processes. We would like to sincerely thank Colleen McQueen and Christy Ismay for the work that they have done for this role in 2018 and in previous years.

We farewell Miss Elise Campbell, Mrs Leanne Hunter, Mrs Natalie Xavier and Mr Bruce McConnell from our Support Staff team today. We would like to thank them for the wonderful contribution they have made to our school.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the following appointments:

- Mrs Renee Shaw has been appointed to the role of School Secretary.
- Anna Dures will be joining our Support Staff Team in two capacities for 2019. Anna has been appointed to the Music Ministry role, as well as Teacher Assistant.

We look forward to welcoming Renee and Anna to our team.

We would like to confirm that the following staff will be working as Teacher Assistants in 2019 (in alphabetical order): Lucy Brown, Ka'ren Darrington, Chris Farrell, Sharon Hugo, Rachael Nosworthy and Diane Warren.

HOLIDAY BUILDINGWORKS: We look forward to some more exciting works that will be taking place over the holidays. This will include carpeting, painting and building works to the Stage One area. We are also hoping to get Kindergarten carpeted as well.

ELF ON THE AP SHELF! Chippy the Elf (named by Sophie from KJ) has been causing major havoc in my office over the past couple of weeks. First, he wrapped my desktop computer, keyboard, mouse and chair in Christmas wrapping paper; then he photocopied himself and stuck pictures of himself all over my walls and yesterday he wrapped toilet paper around my desk and laptop. Luckily, I have had the students from KJcoming to visit each day to share some of their ideas on how I can stop him from causing more mayhem!

STUDENT FAREWELLS: We say goodbye to the following students, and wish them all the best at their new schools:
Chelsea Bollard, Sophia Bailey, Jenson Henderson, Kayla Hope, Sukey Stewart, Taya and Ewen Spells

HOLIDAYWISHES: We would like to wish all of our families a safe, happy and Merry Christmas. Thank you all for another wonderful year within our school community. We look forward to an even better 2019!

Ginaya Yarnold, Principal

Rick Galvin, Assistant Principal