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Dear Parents and Carers

Term Two has certainly been filled with many events. Highlights include the Mother's Day celebrations and breakfast, the School Disco, run by our Class Parents and the Sacrament of Confirmation, to name just a few.

This week, the Kindergarten children thoroughly enjoyed their Pyjama Party and Movie Treat afternoon. Thank you to staff as well for always supporting the Kindergarten team by getting involved in the spirit of the day.

PARENT/TEACHER INTERVIEWS: Thank you to the parents and staff for engaging so positively with the process of interviews this semester. It is nice to see the appreciation that parents have for the staff effort and involvement in your child's education. As you can imagine, hours of time goes into the student reports and staff are always so professional in the way that both verbal and written information is communicated with families.

CONFIRMATION CANDIDATES: The children that recently completed the Sacramental Program for Confirmation received a beautiful card from Fr Paul Gooley (Parish Priest) earlier this week. I know that they were very excited about this. Thank you to Fr Paul for this lovely Parish initiative. 

FAIR IDEAS BOARD: Thank you to the families that contributed to the School Fair Ideas Board in the hall over the past few days. All suggestions will be discussed at the next meeting.

P&F MEETING: Due to the holidays, we will be having an Extraordinary Meeting on the first day back next term. We would like to invite all parents to attend at 5:45pm on Monday 23 July.

AUSTRALASIAN SCHOOL COMPETITIONS - DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES: We congratulate the 15 students who recently participated in this competition, and are pleased to announce the following results:

Distinction: Amy Hatherly

Credit: Alanna Anil, Sophie Bryant, Piper Graham, Anika Grogan, Angus Ismay, Jamie Merrick and Tom Watson 

Merit: Sam Duff

TERM THREE START: As mentioned in previous newsletters, we will begin Term Three on Monday 23 July, as we will be having our Staff Professional Learning Day later in the Term.

FAREWELL: We say goodbye to the following children and wish them well at their new schools: Paxton (2C) and Sienna (4A) Goldring and Tyronne Cutler (2C). We will miss you all.

CONGRATULATIONS: We welcome to our extended Aggies family, Cohen James Wisewould, a little brother to Stevie (3O) who was born on Wednesday.

PBS RAFFLE WINNERS: We congratulate this week's winners: Cooper Burns, Matt Dzikowski, Ethan Foley, Lenni Gosling, Hayley Grogan, Kayla Hope, Charlee Lawlor and Isabelle Reed.