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Dear Parents and Carers

I have to begin this week with WOW! What an amazing week we have had as a whole school community. The Creative Arts Spectacular night was once again a fantastic night. It is such a beautiful showcase of the talent that we hold within our school. The faces of the children and parents is what brings the most joy to us. On display again was our highly dedicated and passionate staff that were once again there to support and encourage.

The Dance Eisteddfod was such a wonderful opportunity for the children as well. We would love to share the Adjudicator comments with you all:

Year Two (Mickey Mouse) - Marks - 79 Place - Highly Commended
- Enjoying your Mickey Mouse theme and great costume.
- Trying very hard with your steps, try to keep your lines nice and straight.
- Fantastic Pinwheel - very good!
- Try to show your biggest smile when you dance and work for a little more unison.
- There is lots of good steps, remember how to point your toes.
- Loving the worm, good boy.
- enjoyed your routine - well done.

Year 3 - (Grease) - Marks 79 - Place - Highly Commended
- Great costumes for your Grease theme. Try to centre the boys section.
- Keep the personality strong everybody.
- Enjoying the choreography - good use of the stage and patterns.
- Great style "boys".
- The ladies are very sophisticated.
- I did enjoy your arrangement.
- Keep working on your unison.
- A fun routine, well done everybody.

Year 4 Gir ls and Years 4, 5 and 6 Boys - (Boys v Girls) - Marks 80 - Place Highly Commended
- Good to see such a large group of boys to commence your routine, try not to let me see the girls waiting in the wings.
- Just a little more expression from the boys, but great choreography.
- Here come the girls, you look great.
- Try for further unison and try to turn all the same way.
- Keep the lines nice and straight. Remember to stretch your feet in steps.
- Enjoy the comedy from the boys.
- A fun routine, great finish.

Year 5 and 6 Girls - (Aladdin) - Marks 84 1/2 - Place - 3rd
- Very good personality from the soloist to begin. Your Aladdin theme was costumed so well - so colourful!
- Visually very lovely.
- Enjoying the change of the music.
- Ensure those runs are all together.
- Very good presentation from most dancers.
- Execution of steps was very neat.
- What an entertaining routine, most enjoyable!

This type of community spirit is evident and cannot be replicated. We cannot thank the staff enough for the many hours and hours they have put in to making the children's dreams come true.

P&F MEETING: Due to the Andrew Chinn musical concert for families on the first night back at school from 6:00pm - 7:00pm, the P&F Meeting has now been rescheduled to 7:00pm Monday 15 October, after the concert.

NATIONAL ESMART WEEK: is a week where communities come together to encourage everyone to be smart, safe and responsible when using digital technology. It creates awareness, solutions and ideas for community education on issues of cyber safety, bullying and wellbeing online, and offline. Today, Lorien Crossle from the Holiday Coast Credit Union, presented 'The Fabulous Friend Machine' by Nick Bland to our Librarian Di Northey. The book is aimed at younger children and talks about cyber safety.

CONGRATULATIONS: We welcome to the Aggies extended family Maliya Willow who was born on 8 September. Maliya is a baby sister for Kalani (5B) and Griffin (1TB).

PBS WINNERS: We congratulate the following winners of this week's raffle draw: Summer Baker, Cooper Beukers, Dane Bittu, Summer Blackney, Willow Newall, Tyla Pascoe, Noah Prince, Max Schneider and Zara Turner.

SAFE AND RELAXING HOLIDAY: We would like to wish all of our families an enjoyable, safe and relaxing holiday break. We hope that you all have a great time with family and look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday 15 October for the start of Term Four.